Fondazione centro conservazione e restauro "La Venaria Reale"


It operates preservation and restoration in relation to interdisciplinary programs of research and education, jointly by the School of Higher Education (SAF), by the Restoration Scientific and Imaging Laboratories, and the Documentation Centre which are involved in a renewal process for the Cultural Heritage preservation. The SAF offers a degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, in cooperation with the University of Turin, postgraduate and professional courses. Laboratories elaborate issues of restoration, preservation and subsidiary maintenance of works and artifacts of art, engage in diagnostic, technical and scientific popularization to public and private restoration laboratories, research and development on methods and materials for preservation.

Fondazione centro conservazione e restauro "La Venaria Reale"
Via XX Settembre 18
10078 Torino
Anno di Fondazione:2005
Forma societaria: fondazione
tel: +39 011 49.93.066
fax: +39 011 49.93.099
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